2020 is getting harder

I meant to write about being distracted, but then I got distracted

Yesterday I set out to write a short blog about how, in this current moment, I’m falling apart a little bit. It’s hard to focus this close to the election, especially while the nation is in turmoil.

It’s hard to do work when everything just seems so loud.

But, we’re all trying to do as much as we can, so I wanted to write about how I was holding up under the pressure. What else is a personal blog for? And after a call with a friend I even had an intro mentally mapped out for the post.

Instead, at the end of the day, I only had this pile of shit:

Yoof, that’s fucking awful.

Regardless, everyone I talk to lately is having a hard time. Everyone is struggling to focus. No one is at 100%.

So let’s be kind to ourselves and each other. We can’t do everything, and we cannot do more than our best. Hugs.