A New Home On The Internet

You really don't have to get these posts via email.

This little blog (alexwrites.substack.com, or alexwilhelm.com once the domain stuff is worked out) is my new home on the Internet. I’ve needed one for a half decade, but it wasn’t a priority back in the drinking days, and I was too busy after quitting to manage it.

Now is the time, it seems. And this is the best place to host it.

Everyone already has an email newsletter, and as I’m on a podcast I have no right to one — the implied ask for more of your time is too much. But I wanted a blog and it turns out that Substack is both a blog and a newsletter rolled into one. It can manage podcasts to boot (I won’t, I promise).

I wound up here after Holden Page pointed out that I can’t manage a WordPress install worth a damn. And since moving from Squarespace 5 to that company’s new build would require constructive surgery, it was out as well.

Having an easy-to-manage blog that also grants people the ability to receive updates delivered to their inbox is neat. And I think that I set up all the stuff correctly, and on my own, which is fun.

So this is where I’ll post notes for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to not receive them via email. I’ll tweet them out I suppose, so you can see them that way if you’d like.

But if you don’t that’s fine too. I’m here more for myself than for any real hopes of further saturating the Internet with my thoughts. I do that too much already.

All the same I needed a place to write for myself. And so here I am. Without a copy editor. Pray for me.