Comms, self-care, and doing my best

Holy hell this news cycle

Hey, I wanted to write about something that hit me over the weekend. Namely that, between Twitter DMs, texts, WhatsApp, Tweets, work and personal email, LinkedIn messages and the various Slack groups that I am in, not to mention phone calls, Zooms, and other group chats and calls, I’m maxed out.

I mean that both personally and professionally. The world I write about is on fire, and I’m struggling a bit under the comms load. This is a blessing, and one that I do not want to discount; people reaching out with news and tips is lovely and I am thankful.

But the news influx and comms flow means that I am dropping things, both by accident and on purpose, both professionally and in my personal life.

I will keep doing my best but some things are going to lose priority, like reading email from folks I don’t know.

When things are back to normal — hopefully soon — I’ll be less of a shit friend and irksome person to reach. But if I don’t tune out a lot of stuff I won’t get any writing done.

Ok that’s it, I just felt bad for being slow to respond to things and wanted to apologize. Hugs. — A