Happy birthday, Holden

It’s Holden Page’s birthday. I want to celebrate him.

Holden and I met when we were teenagers, eventually founding a blog together with a few online friends (ChaCha102 and Dmonzel, what up). That project lead us deeper into the worlds of technology, and online media, where we both remain today.

We’ve essentially grown up together.

Today is his 30th birthday, and I’m annoyed that I cannot be there in person to hug him and tell him just how special he is to so many people. And that turning 30 is incredibly good news.

Your 20s are supposed to be a lot of fun. But they can, in fact, prove to be the opposite. Most of my 20s were a mess. 30 and on has been, so far, a pretty different pace of life. Holden is in for a good decade.

But instead of being near to him and Keeri — two people who are simply family in my mental rolodex — I’m a zillion miles away, and we’re all working today.

But cheers all the same, Holden. You’re an amazing person and I hope that your birthday is more than good.

Shave that beard though.