Heavy Metal Friday

Issue 1, I suppose.

Happy Friday, friends. We made it.

The good news is that this particular Friday brought with it a host of heavy metal treats. Read on for recommendations:

  • Lorna Shore, …And I Return To Nothingness: A widely-awaited EP from American deathcore band Lorna Shore, AIRTN is just three songs long. But regardless of length, the EP is love-letter to heavy metal fans. Fresh off a singer swap, Lorna Shore has been in the heavy metal spotlight thanks to the only single from the record, To the Hellfire. It blew minds, and shook tables. With the rest of the record now out, it’s time for all fans of thunderous cacophony crossed with symphonic chants, set to the pulse of blast beats to tuck in.

  • Dream Theater, The Alien: The first single off of the next Dream Theater record is 9:31 long. Fans are modestly divided about the new tune — par for the course for any band with as long a history as the DT crew — but its mix and production are generally getting high marks regardless of how fans are parsing any particular melody. If you prefer your heavy metal more progressive, and patient, this is for you.

  • Trivium, Feast Of Fire: Trivium dropped an incredible album last year called What The Dead Men Say. Apparently, the band was unable to stop working during lockdown, because Matt and Alex and Paolo and Corey are back with another record. Feast Of Fire is the second single loosed from the Trivium quiver and it is not like the first cut. It’s still heavy, sure, but Trivium is not shy about playing around with its approach to melody, and clean vocals.

I have to get back to work now, but please enjoy the above!