how to start a podcast

pro-tip: don't

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welcome back to the weblog. today, instead of writing something that i thought about ahead of time, i’m taking the baton from IRL good human kate clark regarding how to start a podcast. hell yeah, we’re talking about equity, the best and only good podcast.

equity has, hell yeah, stayed alive for over two years, stacking seven-figures worth of downloads despite lots of things not always going according to plan along the way

here’s what ive learned so far:

how to start a podcast (maybe)

  1. dont, there are too many - i did not do this

  2. start by listening to podcasts - i did not do this, and still don’t

  3. be proud of the fact that you are starting a podcast, and don’t get all nervous when you record the teaser or the announcement post - i did not do this

  4. maybe record some trial eps in-studio before launch - would have been good

  5. have a good system from day one regarding how booking would work, and make sure that you have ironed out all the pertinent details - nope didn’t do that

  6. ensure that your co-host roster is stable as the show grows - didn’t do that either

  7. learn to speak at a regular pace - still working on this

  8. learn how to enunciate - probably not happening

  9. pick a topic large enough to find a broad audience - have you ever heard equity

  10. def don’t move across the country half time, away from the studio - i did this

  11. have one regular format that you stick to - this seems optional, really

  12. gratz, you now have a Very Serious Podcast

despite all of that, and thanks to Lynley and Katie and Henry and Chris and Kate and Connie and Danny and everyone else who is still aboard the good ship Equity or helped along the way, we started a podcast and actually pulled it off

equity kicks ass, but, really, its success comes from a the really simple fact that we dig the topic. everything else follows from that.