I'm angry a lot lately about America and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it

I might take up more writing tasks to simply get the bile out

I’m sure you are also watching the impeachment proceedings carry on in the Senate, which have now devolved into “yes, he did it, but it’s not impeachable” phase that they were always sliding towards. Naturally the Senate’s perennial disappointment is one of the leading voices in this particular bit of needle-threading.

Senator Rubio, a political zero and historical write off, appears determined to stay in the Senate regardless of what it means to any hopes he had of an enduring legacy. He won’t have one. This sort of break with courage isn’t how you become celebrated. It’s how you become forgotten.

I digress. I’m angry a lot and I feel like I’m doing nothing about it. And I’m trying to keep my Twitter feed’s political vitriol to a minimum, as I don’t want to harm the one material distribution channel that I actually own — it’s my career safety net, so it must survive.

To find someway to be mentally active in the things that are driving my quite literally mad, and avoid going full #resistance on Twitter, I’m thinking about putting together a new website (maybe with some friends?) where I can write about politics. An angry website. Because I’m livid.

I can’t take the intellectual honesty, the sanctimonious bullshit, the aggravating DC press corps who are to obsequious to power, and on and on and on. Ack.

Happy Friday.